5. Obstacles to Experiencing God’s Love


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Pond at Sunrise

The love of God is all around us.

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  • Love starts with Christ dwelling in our hearts
  • Being filled to the fullness of God has to do with knowing His love
  • Man was created to be loved by God and to love God
  • Christ came to bring us back to this place
  • This is the agapé of God. This is His love towards you
  • God would not ask us to be or do what He Himself is not being or doing
  • God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, not imputing their trespasses to them
  • The complete Old Covenant is fulfilled by loving God supremely and loving your fellowman as you love yourself
  • The new commandment – Love as Jesus loved; He loved by laying down His life
  • You are loved by Jesus the same way that the Father loved Him
  • We are now to continue to live in, dwell in that love
  • How do we abide in His love? By keeping His commandments
  • What is His commandment?  The commandment of love. This is how your joy will be full
  • Love is the vehicle through which we receive from God

The Main Obstacle to Experience His Love

  • The former covenant was annulled because of it’s weakness & unprofitableness
  • We now have a better hope
  • God in merciful to your unrighteousness and lawless deeds because they were placed on Christ
  • God remembers them no more because they have been dealt with
  • The Old Covenant overlapped the New Covenant in a practical sense for about 40 years

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