6. Loving the Body of Christ


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Pond at Sunrise

The love of God is all around us.

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Reality of Agapé under the New Covenant

  • The New Covenant made it possible for God’s love (Agapé) to be expressed in us and thru us
  • We can walk in the Law of Love because the Holy Spirit has been placed in us
  • The Law was written to those who were under the Law
  • It made you guilty before God; You could not be justified by the Law (Righteousness)
  • The Law brought knowledge of sin
  • The Law and the Prophets foretold a Righteousness that would come apart from the Law
  • A righteousness that would come by faith in Jesus Christ, by His grace
  • His righteousness has now been imputed to us
  • Under the New Covenant we are partakers of His divine nature, now we can agapé
  • God’s very own agapé is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit
  • We can now love as He loved us – laying down our lives for one another

Expressing Agapé in the Body of Christ

  • The commandments of God in the New Covenant are found in 1 John 3:22-24
  • Practicing righteousness and loving your brother indicates you are born of God
  • Agape love is demonstrated by laying your life down for your brother
  • If you cannot agapé your brother then you are still in spiritual death
  • Agapé love is demonstrated, not just spoken about
  • We have confidence of answered prayer because we keep His commandments of believing in Christ and loving love one another

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