2. God Loves the Sinner


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Pond at Sunrise

The love of God is all around us.

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Study Guide

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By God’s Love the Sin of the World has been Paid For

  • Propitiation – an atonement, to appease, to render favorable
  • The sins for the whole world have been atoned for, nobody has been left out
  • The grace (unmerited favor) that brought about salvation has come to ALL mankind
  • There is no limited atonement; Christ did not die for the elect; He did not die just for His bride
  • Although atonement has been made for all sin, it doesn’t hold true that all are saved
  • Belief, faith and trust has to be expressed in Jesus Christ
  • We have been given this incredible message of reconciliation

God Loves the Sinner through Us

  • You have God’s quality of love residing in you
  • It is by His love residing in us that we are able to love every sinner
  • The complete Old Covenant is fulfilled by loving God supremely and loving your fellowman as you love yourself

God’s Love in Action through Us

  • The compassion of God in you moves you to respond with compassion
  • Unconditional mercy, beyond what you’re required, is the demonstration of agapé

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