1. God is Love


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Pond at Sunrise

The love of God is all around us.

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Study Guide

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Greatest Prayer for the Comprehension of God’s Personal Love

  • One of the greatest prayers for the New Covenant believer
  • Strengthened with might in the inner man
  • Being rooted and grounded in love to comprehend the Love of God
  • To know ‘perceive’ the love of God that passes knowledge ‘science’

The Definition of God is Love (Agapé)

  • If you had to describe God, would this be the first explanation?
  • God is Self-described as ‘Love’
  • Love has to be demonstrated – God demonstrated His love to us

Understanding the God who is Love

The Expression of God’s Love

  • The creation of man was the expression of God’s love
  • God’s Love caused the creation of man for companionship
  • Man lost the glory and presence of God
  • Contrary to what you learned in Sunday School:
    • God removed man from the Garden because of the Tree of Life. it would have been the greatest disaster for man to live forever in a sinful state
  • Adam lived to be 930 yrs old. There were nine generations on the planet when Adam passed away. Noah’s father was 56 yrs old when Adam passed away. Why do we not hear about Adam during these nine generations?
  • I believe Adam lived under a mantle of despair; he observed the results of his sin on mankind
  • Contrary to what we learned in Sunday School:
    • God did not destroy the earth through judgment; rather through deliverance
  • Mankind had reached the pinnacle of corruption and was about to wipe itself out
  • God saved a family and started again

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