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We Are Saved by Grace Through Faith in Jesus Christ

Christ's Inaugural Speech

Christ’s Inaugural Speech

Christ launched His public ministry in His home town of Nazareth, recorded in Luke 4:18-19. And as with all inaugural speeches, He outlined the four pillars that He would accomplish in His short earthly ministry! Read More

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Have Your Prayers Answered Every Time – Leesa Hamilton

Listen You can listen to this teaching online via the player below. http://media.graceandfaithaustralasia.org/weekly-teachings/tea-time/HaveYourPrayersAnsweredEveryTime.mp3 Or if you prefer, you can downloadRead More

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6. Loving the Body of Christ

The New Covenant made it possible for God’s love (Agapé) to be expressed in us and thru us. We are now partakers of His divine nature, now we can agapé. Learn how God’s agapé has to be expressed in us! Read More

Pond at Sunrise

5. Obstacles to Experiencing God’s Love

It may surprise you to find out that the main obstacle to understanding and experiencing the love of God for you is in the Bible itself! Learn how to rightly divide the Word of Truth to maximize your personal experience of God’s love. Read More

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